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veil: hidden in plain sight

"veil" series with environmental and social activist, Greta.

“If you are invisible in everyday life, your needs will not be thought of, let alone addressed, in a crisis situation,” 
Matcha Phorn-In

veil is a visual metaphor for womxn experiencing the effects of increasing climate events, in the face of our warming planet.  

“The climate crisis is not “gender neutral”. Women and girls experience the greatest impacts of climate change, which amplifies existing gender inequalities and poses unique threats to their livelihoods, health, and safety.”

“Looking at climate change through the lens of intersectional feminism, the way in which various forms of inequality often operate together and exacerbate each other, it is clear that climate change risks are acute for indigenous and Afro-descendent women and girls, older women, LGBTIQ+ people, women and girls with disabilities, migrant women, and those living in rural, remote, conflict and disaster-prone areas.”

excerpts from unwomen.org, the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Greta works for an NGO that tackles social issues at a local and national level. She's also heavily involved in environmental activism, having participated as a part of a feminist group at the COP26 summit in Scotland last year in order to highlight gender equality and human rights in the climate negotiations.

Women, sexual, and gender diverse people are often impacted disproportionately by the impacts of climate change compared to men. At the same time, they face structural barriers when it comes to participating in climate policy and responses. It is crucial that efforts to combat climate change are tackled by taking into account systemic and intersecting forms of oppression - there is no climate justice without gender justice.

To learn how feminists integrate gender justice in international climate politics, you can check out the Not Without Us! Podcast on spotify or read stories of local struggles and resistance on https://medium.com/notwithoutus



alana works at the interesection of art, design and image making.

Text:  Mr. Palomar; Italo Calvino
Image: Karl Blossfeldt; Urformen der Kunst

Then, if you consider the breadth of the wave, parallel to the shore, it is hard to decide where the advancing front extends regularly and where it is separated and segmented into independent waves, distinguished by their speed, shape, force, direction.

In other words, you cannot observe a wave without bearing in mind the complex features that concur in shaping it and the other, equally complex ones that the wave itself originates.

April 2017

These aspects vary constantly, so each wave is different from another wave, even if not immediately adjacent or successive; in other words, there are some forms and sequences that are repeated, though irregularly distributed in space and time.
Since what Mr. Palomar means to do at this moment is simply see a wave — that is, to perceive all its simultaneous components without overlooking any of them — his gaze will dwell on the movement of the wave that strikes the shore until it can record aspects not previously perceived; as soon as he notices that the images are being repeated, he will know he has seen everything he wanted to see and he will be able to stop.


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